I remember back when MTV played music videos only AND was a premium cable channel. My first experience watching it was after Hurricane Bob. For what ever reason they had a trial period for MTV, Disney,etc. We had no power and my father had the house being back fed with a generator so we were the only ones with power.  My father was out cleaning up the yard and fixing the damage; I don’t remember what my mother was doing. I was left to entertain myself.

The music videos I first saw were

Metallica’s “until it sleep”


The Cranberries “zombie”.


Funny what we remember.

Fish tanks and Cities

It seems like people, at least in the cities, are getting ruder and more combative. It reminds me of tropical fish keeping.

When you have a fish tank you can hold so many fish per gallon of water.   Stagnant water conditions you can keep X number of fish. Usually this number is very low.  Now in order to increase the number of fish you need to increase the number of gallons or increase the quality of the water in terms of oxygen, waste removal, and food. Water movement increases oxygen transfer at the surface. Filtration removes waste and increase water flow and oxygen transfer.  Filter media removes impurities from the water. All sorts of modern tools increase the capacity beyond what it could normally hold.

Now nothing is static in life nor in the aquarium; the fish grow, they breed, they die. Maybe the food supply decreases. Maybe the plants overgrow and push out free space. It could be that the filtration decreases due to mechanical problems.  But inevitably there are stressors put on the fish. These fish usually are peaceful but with competition for resources aggression increases. Soon the natural order takes over and the larger or more aggressive kill or push out the smaller and the weak.

I see this in the city now.  Crowding is increasing, money is decreasing, quality people are are leaving.  The that people are left, like the fish, are fighting for lesser and lesser resources in an ever lowering quality environment.  The system has the capability to maintain higher quality and bring resources but for whatever reason, intentional or not, they are not being provided.

What does this mean?

Rudeness is increasing

Crime is increasing

Violence is Increasing

The city will not likely be a safe place for self sufficient adults in the near future.

Realize this.


If your going to do the right thing. You are going to be do it alone.


No matter if it is health, finance, or morals. It will be hard work and most people hate that; they will not walk the path with you. Hell, they’ll likely hate you for it!