You won’t get rich

You can’t learn how to make money. Well.. at least mega wealthy type money. You can only be taught how to keep it and hold on to it when you get it.  Ask or listen to anyone that started a website, or business that was wildly successful and they will tell you they had no idea that it was going to take of like it did.  Mega riches is all luck but you can increase your chances by rolling the dice more. But statistically in the end you will never get there. Just how the world is so don’t waste your money on paying people to tell you how to MAKE money. If they knew they’d do it themselves.

And fuck the mega rich these days. They are all nerds and must have boring sex lives.


Cudo Miner

I downloaded and am running cudo miner on my gateway computer. It’s running some duo core processor and a GE 1050TI or something. It does not look to be profitable. It is more out of curiosity. The processors is hash like 7h/s which is next to nothing for monero and the GPU is hashing 11 M/hs which is also low (etheruem). I’m going to let it run for a month or some and see how it all goes. Cryptocurrency is a cool concept but not worth the investment of time or money in at this stage.

Being a landlord means you will always brush up against ignorance.  I received a text message at 5am this morning saying there are spider eggs in the shades and asking if I could come by and take care of it. Take care of it? What am I a spider hit-man or abortionist? No lady, I will not come by to clean your apartment. That’s your space, your job.

“Why!?!?!…. I hate the word as I hate hell, all Montagues…”



Why is the most ignorant question in the English language. What’s that?

Why? Do you ask.

For two reasons.

One it is used not because the asker does not know something and truly wants to understand. That question which is rare is a fine and is at the heart of all scientific discovery. Most often why is asked in the form of “why should I believe you” or in the “you have to justify yourself to me” way. For example

Nancy: “Hey Jim, do you want to get chinese food for dinner?”

Jim: “ No, I’m good.”

Nancy: “why?”

In situations like this Nancy is not happy since she wants chinese food and now Jim won’t get it with her. So she may argue about bullshit, sell him on it like a commercial, and talk about nothing until he concedes. If Jim falls for the bait and justifies himself to Nancy then she wins.

The problem with the why questions is there could be hundreds of different reasons why he does not want chinese food. He might not be hungry, he had it last night, hell he might not even know why himself. Which leads to the correct response to people when they give you this kind of why?

Jim: I didn’t know I needed a reason. I’m a 35 year old man I just don’t want it.

Don’t fall for the bait and justify yourself to the other person. You just open up the conversation to more arguments for the thing you don’t want. You’ll get bombarded with reasons why you SHOULD want what the other person wants. Shut it down as soon as it pops up.

Second reason, it’s used in the form of “why should I listen to you?” It’s about hierarchy and command. It happens at work, with friends, everywhere. Often times this “why” is asked by a subordinate after being given a task; like sweeping a floor.

Drone Manager: “Employee 614, can you please sweep the shop floor first thing this morning?”

Employee 614: “Why?”

Now in this situation the manager could explain about safety, presentation to customer, and so on but then he gets into a string of arguments and justifications with the employee. A sort of role reversal occurs and the manager becomes subordinate to the employee and what he decides. The correct response is the same you would give a child.

Drone manager: “Because I said so.”

Why is a question of power. When it is asked the questions is “Who’s the leader?”